What is Time and Attendance

In a nutshell Time and Attendance is an integrate system that tracks employees time in and out. Information can be added electronically and then transferred to the payroll department associated with that particular business. In addition, owners, operators and managers can oversee the operation and make approvals as needed. The system also allows employees to keep track of there own times so they can see the hours they have worked, vacation days, sick days, and whatever else my be of importance.

The Real purpose for setting up a time and attendance system is so that employees hours can easily be collected via an automated system, in turn increasing accuracy and efficiency.

The way it works is usually employees are assigned an identification card that has specific information pertaining to them. There “time in” is established when there card slides through the card reader. There “Time out” is registered when the badge is swiped again. With this information the corresponding rates are automatically applied in reference to the information contained on the ID card. Times in and out can also be calculated off site if need be. This is usually set up on line or via a phone system.

The Benefits of having a time and attendance system are many. For one, employers can easily keep track of the cost that specific employes work on, varying positions, pay rates, cuts, and more. Further more it can provide employers with significant protection, preventing payroll fraud, and ensuring the overall accuracy of the payroll process.

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